Costa Rica is a safe and politically stable nation with universal healthcare and educational systems. Emergency services operate 24/7 and may be reached via phone calling 9.1.1. Cellular and internet service is available in most locations. Private and public clinics are found in most communities and advanced care is provided in major cities. Program staff is trained in emergency first response and they will take preventative measures to ensure students’ safety and wellbeing throughout the length of the program. These include securing a healthy and nutritious diet, plenty of exercise, hydration and rest. Students will be provided specific recommendations to avoid any accidents and injuries during activities. Program staff will be available to all program participants 24/7. In case of any emergency, staff will follow the emergency protocol which aims to deliver patients to healthcare professionals and systems following expedite and safety procedures at all times.
COVID-19 Protocol
1. Although Costa Rica does not require inbound travelers to show a PCR a SARS-COV-2 free test, it is recommended for the program participants to take a test before the trip.

2. Travelers must fill out a public health ministry online form. Links will be provided in the course materials.

3. Travelers must show proof of international insurance with COVID-19 coverage. This insurance must also cover all related risks of travelling to Costa Rica.

4. Travelers must wear masks at the airport.

5. Temperature will be measured at the airport.

6. Temperature will be measured to each program participant twice a day during the length of the program.

7. All buses and lodging facilities will be equipped with hand washing stations and/or hand sanitizers.

8. Program participants must wear face masks while indoors and during ground travel.

9. Participants must keep 2 meters distance during program activities.

10. Lodging will be arranged following physical distance regulations.

11. In case of emergency, participants will be taken to the nearest hospital or health clinic available.

12. Program staff will follow health and risk management protocols at all times.