A transformative experience for those seeking empowerment from nature and engagement in biodiversity conservation.

Beyond providing a scientifically rigorous and enriching experience in a safe environment, our ultimate goal is to inspire you as a student to become a better steward for the natural world. Costa Rica: From the Mountains to the Sea is an educational journey designed to maximize your contact with Costa Rica’s stunning biodiversity, sustainability undertakes, culture and people. We start the journey in the world-famous Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Preserve where we will have an in-depth introduction to the local biodiversity and ecosystems. We will also have the opportunity to join the local efforts that are being made to restore the adjacent landscapes to the reserve in the bellbird biological corridor. Then we will begin the descend from Monteverde towards the Caribbean, passing through the capital city, volcanoes, rivers and valleys until we reach the lowland rain forest at Veragua, where we will meet a team of researchers to engage with the study of the area’s biodiversity.

The journey will continue to Pacuare Reserve where we will have the chance to explore the coastal rain forest and its biodiversity. During sea turtle nesting season, you will have the opportunity to participate in sea-turtle research activities. After Pacuare, we will head to the southern Caribbean coast where will have the chance to snorkel in the most pristine coral reef in Costa Rica and enjoy the local Caribbean culture to end the journey with a real taste of Costa Rica’s Pura Vida lifestyle.

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Costa Rica is a treasure trove of scientific wonders. As one of the world’s foremost nations in biodiversity conservation, it offers students an unrivaled opportunity to participate in a once-in-a-lifetime educational experience in the natural world. Costa Rica’s highlands are situated within the Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’, and active volcanoes dot the landscape. Two slopes form towards the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea where 5% of the World’s biodiversity is found and stunning landscapes ranging from active volcanoes, lush rain forests and pristine beaches are waiting to be explored. Costa Rica is a peaceful nation with only 5 million people. You will hear the expression “Pura Vida” wherever you go as this is the best representation of Costa Rican culture, which is laidback and relaxed. Thanks to a profound love and respect towards nature, Costa Ricans preserve a heritage for future generations as more than 50% of the country is forested and 25% is protected in national parks and biological preserves.

Costa Rica is also a world-leader in sustainability. For example, it produces more than 90% of its electricity from renewable energy, mining and hunting native wildlife is prohibited. This little country only about the size of the peninsula of Florida in the USA, has a big voice and is calling for allies from around the world to protect and restore the planet’s biodiversity, the real treasure that we have and must inherit to future generations.

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Two types of Programs offered

Our programmed educational journeys are led by Dr. Fabricio Camacho who is a tropical forest expert at the Tropical Science Center and Agroforestry Professor at Costa Rica’s National Technical University. Dr. Camacho’s goal is to facilitate critical thinking in biodiversity conservation and environmental stewardship using Costa Rica as his classroom.

During the journey, you as an individual student will have the opportunity to explore some of the most stunning ecosystems in Costa Rica, learn directly from field researchers and biodiversity experts and become part of a community of professionals who dedicate their lives to study and protect the environment.

Dr. Camacho will challenge you in every moment of the journey to awaken your curiosity, fine-tune your vision and exercise your  intelligence to develop your own ideas as to how you can become a better steward of the natural world. This experience will help you build a foundation towards environmental ethics, responsibility and creativity.

You will come out of this unique experience with a broader, deeper and more meaningful perspective of nature that will guide you for the rest of your life. Most importantly, you will become part of the community of people who no matter what you end up doing in life, you will be in-sync with nature.

Visit our program overview page for an example itinerary or contact us for more information.


Faculty members from educational institutions interested in facilitating  experiential learning opportunities in tropical biodiversity, conservation and sustainability are welcomed to customize their Costa Rica educational program with us. We are not a study abroad agency, we are the experts in the field! Together we protect thousands of hectares of rainforest in Costa Rica where we carry out research projects and engage with local communities in environmental education, conservation and restoration activities. We have decided to create this partnership to offer first-hand and real-life educational opportunities for students because we believe that the future leaders of the world must develop an ecological sensitivity and awareness so that they are enabled to steer the world towards a sustainable future.

They deserve to see with their own eyes what Costa Rica has done to become a world leader in conservation and environmental stewardship. We would also like to share with your students the environmental challenges that remain, and we would be honored to receive their input to find sustainable solutions. Beyond than providing a scientifically rigorous and enriching experience in a safe environment, our ultimate goal is to inspire your students to become ambassadors of the natural world.

Below is a link to an example itinerary and program overview of our hallmark educational journey. We customize your itinerary according to your specific objectives, needs and budget. We provide all the logistical and financial arrangements to ensure you and your students only focus in the experience.

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Visit our program overview page for an example itinerary or contact us for more information




Discover the wonders of the marine enviroment, see with your own eyes the impressive marine life of the Caribbean Sea.


Live the adventure of navigating the rapids of the Pacuare river. An experience full of adrenaline and fun.

Original Canopy Tour

Fly above the forest canopy and experience the forest from a different perspective, while having lots of fun! Come and enjoy!